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The Galleria degli Specchi (Mirror Gallery)

The Galleria degli Specchi (Mirror Gallery) and the adjoining Biblioteca (Library) were constructed between 1670 and 1677 upon commission of the Riccardi family. The work was initially supervised by architect Pier Maria Baldi, later replaced by Giovan Battista Foggini.
The decoration of the vaulted ceiling began in the summer of 1682, when the work was entrusted to Luca Giordano by Marquis Francesco Riccardi, and was completed in 1685. The rich and cultured iconography of the frescoes, which cover the entire surface of the vaulted ceiling, features numberless figures and stands out for its distinctive light and luminous colours.

The mythological scenes on the four sides of the ceiling alternate with the four Cardinal Virtues at the corners, while the central fresco is a majestic tribute to the Medici family that testifies to the Riccardi’s enormous gratitude. The stuccoes and decorations that adorn the openings and large windows overlooking the Garden, complemented by four marvellous mirrors painted by Bartolomeo Bimbi, Pandolfo Reschi, and Anton Domenico Gabbiani, are equally rich and opulent. This function room hosted sumptuous balls and receptions, starting with the wedding banquet of Ferdinando de’ Medici and Violante of Bavaria, held in 1689.

Luca Giordano, The Riccardi Triumph,