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Underground level

3. Archaeological itinerary

First used as stables by the Medici family then turned into cellars by the later Riccardi owners, come back to new life

4. Ancient Marbles Museum

Open to the public in 2005, the Marble Museum testifies to the predilection for the antique artworks collected by the Riccardi family.

Ground floor

1. Courtyard of Michelozzo (1444-1452)

Based on a project by Michelozzo, the elegant renaissance courtyard is characterized by classical elements. .

2. Medici Garden

The garden is an essential element of the private life of the family where finds the Limonaia, environment enriched by stuccoes and decorations of the eighteenth century.

3. Temporary exhibits

The palace also hosts temporary exhibits, displayed in the historical setting of the Museo Mediceo.

First floor

I .The Magi Chapel (1459-1561)

The procession of the Magi, masterfully frescoed by Benozzo Gozzoli, portrays the Medici family and illustrious personalities.

IX. Madonna with Child (1466-1469)

The Madonna painted by Filippo Lippi, depicted while she looks toward her Son, is one of the late works of the Florentine master.

X. Gallery Luca Giordano (1682-1691)

The decoration of the mirrors dialogues with the frescoed ceiling painted by Luca Giordano depicting the Apotheosis of the Medici.

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