Mirror Painting

On 28 March 1659, Gabriello Riccardi purchased Palazzo Medici, which by that time had become an occasional hospitality venue, for 40,000 scudi. There thus began works intended to convert the ancient palazzo ‘for modern use’: the extensions on Via Ginori and Via Larga were built, the monumental staircase giving access to the upper floors was installed, the rooms were decorated to reflect the new tastes. Most spectacular among these innovations is the Hall of Mirrors, richly decorated by Luca Giordano with a triumphal allegory of the Medici family; along the walls, a succession of unique mirrors, their reflective surfaces painted with brilliant displays of flowers and foliage. And for young visitors, this rare decoration is their cue to try their hands at a original essay into ‘mirror painting’ at a workshop where reality and illusion play tag.

  • For whom: 2nd-cycle primary school and middle-school classes
  • Duration: 1h 15′
  • When: From monday to friday – booking required for school groups

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